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With over 100 different proppant providers, operators and service companies are now tasked with selecting proppant from multiple companies, new sources, and are experiencing the logistical headaches of delivering proppant to the well-site.

With the many different pieces of the hydraulic fracturing process, it is easy to begin to overlook the quality aspect of the proppant. To avoid risking the entire investment of a well, companies need to successfully identify the best proppant for their specific formation and validate quality of the proppant both in the lab and at the well-site.

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To assist in proper proppant selection, PropTester and KELRIK, LLC compiles an annual, in-depth overview of the global proppant industry. What started as a private, twenty-page study ten years ago has developed into a comprehensive study detailing over 60 frac sand producers, 50 ceramic proppant companies and 15 resin-coated operations. In addition to identifying the companies, the report also provides an understanding of the historical utilization by proppant type, plant locations, proppant type’s differentiators, and plant capacities.

Market intelligence has been gathered from a variety of industry resources which include historical PropTester, Inc. and KELRIK, LLC databases, key pressure pumping and operator personnel, logistics providers, proppant suppliers and other public and private resources. Information is derived directly from proppant providers by authors Brian Olmen with KELRIK and Ian Renkes with PropTester, Inc. This best-in-class industry report is the most accurate and detailed report on the market and serves as a valuable resource for proppant providers, service companies, operators as well as investment companies. For further information, please contact PropTester.